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Terminate your Lease

Ending a lease can be fraught with uncertainties, from navigating formalities to understanding notice periods and minimum rental durations. To facilitate a smooth termination process, we have outlined the necessary steps in the video linked below (in German). Additionally, concise step-by-step instructions are provided beneath the video for your convenience.


Check Rental Agreement

Check your rental agreement for applicable notice periods, dates and minimum rental periods.


Extraordinary Termination - search for a new tenant.

If you wish to terminate your apartment before the notice period or minimum rental period has elapsed, make sure to find at least one suitable new tenant who is willing to assume the contract under the existing terms.


Sign termination letter

Sign the letter by hand. Electronic signatures or similar are not allowed.


Check Local Regulations

If there are no termination dates specified in the lease agreement, review the regulations of your canton.


Prepare the termination letter

Prepare a termination letter. You are welcome to download the letters linked below as a template (in German).


Send termination letter

Submit the signed resignation letter promptly to the Real Estate Management Agency or the landlord. We suggest sending it via registered mail. Ensure that the letter reaches them before the notice period ends. Note that email notices of termination are not legally valid.

Template: Ausserordentliche Kündigung

For a more thorough understanding of each step, we recommend watching our YouTube video linked above.

Template: Ordentliche Kündigung

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